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Slow Cooker Bacon Smothered Pork Chops

Mmmm smothered pork chops!  Sometimes you just want some good old comfort food and there is not much better than anything smothered.  Did you know that you could use your slow cooker or crockpot to slowly cook and smother your meats?  


The slow cooker or crockpot is perfect for that comfort meal you crave.  You can simply prepare the food put it in the pot, turn it on and when you come back your meal is done.  


The slow cooker is great if you don't want to heat up the entire house, so in the summer months, I will use my slower cooker more frequently.  


This bacon smothered pork chop recipe is cooked the way my mom used to make them, but it is not drowning in grease.  I use a little bacon grease and a little canola oil just to brown the chops.  Then I place them in the slow cooker add some onions and chicken broth and turn it on.  When I come back they will be falling off the bone DELICIOUS!  You'll be so happy that you waited to come home to eat! 









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Pork Chops
Seasonings for Pork Chops
Seasoning for Pork Chops

Wash and pat dry your pork chops.  Season them as you desire.  

Lightly floured pork chops
Lightly browned Pork chops in bacon fat
Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

Season your flour and dredge your pork chops in the seasoned flour.  Get the bacon fat and canola oil hot and place the floured chops in the pan for about 2 minutes per side.  Put the chops into the slow cooker (crockpot) vessel and set the slow cooker to your desired heating settings.  

Slow Cooker Bacon Smothered Pork Chops

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